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Make It the Same reviewed by Yanhong Zhu

I am once again extremely grateful for the time that a reviewer has put into my book. Yanhong Zhu has published an extensive and thoughtful review of Make It the Same in Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR). The review concludes:

Edmond’s engaging and exciting book merits a wide readership by scholars and students across literary and cultural studies. Innovative, thoroughly researched, and well-argued, this book is a remarkable study of iterative poetics in the works of diverse poets of different backgrounds and cultures, and an important and timely addition to the growing scholarship on global literature that moves beyond the binaries of East and West, center and periphery, singularity and repetition.


Published by Jacob Edmond

Jacob Edmond is associate professor in English at the University of Otago, New Zealand. He is the author of Make It the Same: Poetry in the Age of Global Media (Columbia University Press, 2019), A Common Strangeness: Contemporary Poetry, Cross-Cultural Encounter, Comparative Literature (Fordham University Press, 2012), and of numerous essays, which have appeared in journals such as Comparative Literature, Contemporary Literature, Poetics Today, Slavic Review, and The China Quarterly.

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