Make It the Same Makes MSA Book Prize shortlist

I’m delighted and stunned that Make It the Same has made the shortlist for the Modernist Studies Association Book Prize. I’m very grateful to the judges, Gayle Rogers, Leah Flack, and Elizabeth Sheehan, for placing my book in such wonderful company and for what they have written about Make It the Same: To praise the […]

An apology, a correction, and a cautionary tale about authorship and scholarly error

I want to offer an apology, a correction, and a cautionary tale about authorship and scholarly error. Let’s begin with the apology and correction. I want to apologize for a misattribution of authorship. In Make It the Same, I refer to a 2005 audio art project entitled Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” I cite […]

Svend Erik Larsen reviews Make It the Same

Svend Erik Larsen has just published his review of Make It the Same: Poetry in the Age of Global Media in Orbis Litterarum. He begins the review by asking: Can extremely formal contemporary poetry, working with the minute material details of language, function as a cultural intervention addressing such burning issues as race, gender, migration […]

Make It the Same at the Kelly Writers House

The wonderful people at the Kelly Writers House have posted a video of last Wednesday’s lunchtime discussion of the Make It the Same with Josephine Park and Kevin Platt. I’m very grateful to them both for an excellent dialogue and to Al Filreis, Jessica Lowenthal, and the rest of the Kelly Writers House team at […]

Upcoming US talks on Make It the Same: Poetry in the Age of Global Media

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m giving a number of talks related to Make It the Same in various US cities, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. If you happen to be nearby, I’d love to see you there. Here are the details: Monday, November 18, 5 to 6:30pm, Barker […]

“a radical contribution to poetry studies”: LARB reviews Make It the Same

The Los Angeles Review of Books has just published Walt Hunter’s review of Make It the Same. The review concludes: Edmond’s book makes a radical contribution to poetry studies. For Edmond, the agent of poetic change is not the individual, but rather the shifting collaboration between technology and politics that produces different kinds of copies. […]

Make It the Same released

It’s official: Make It the Same: Poetry in the Age of Global Media is in the world. It is available now from Columbia UP (use the code CUP30 for a 30% discount), Amazon, and other booksellers. The book has been a long time in the making. The origins of the project go back at least […]

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